I Got Mold – Yes Really

No, my guest house is not dirty. No, I did not leave it unkempt, quite the opposite as I plan to discuss at great length in this blog. No, this was not the result of some housekeeping blunder.

It all started when my fridge had a small leak originating from the ice maker. My husband was out of town at a conference, so I knew her would not be able to deal with it for another 3 days. I figured it was not a big deal.  We had no guests booked for a couple of weeks. I pulled out the fridge, taped over the hose, and hoped for the best. I would have shut off the water, but my office is on the same water line.

The next afternoon I came in to check in on the leak, and found  a huge pool of water. I then shut off the water, what else was I to do, and did my best to mop up and dry the mess. A couple of days later my husband was able to completely fix the problem with the fridge. So I’m thinking everything is all good, right? Wrong!

The day before my guests showed up, I went in to prepare the house. Ahh! I found a disturbing smell and signs of mold in the wall right beside the kitchen. I was mortified. I posted on Facebook that I was looking for someone that knew how to deal with this stuff. A friend messaged me with this page that listed a local company. I’ve never heard of USAMoldRemoval.com, but I generally trust this particular friend (name withheld because she’d never speak to me if I discussed her mold issue publicly).

Anyway, I called the mold removal company and was super happy with their professionalism and of course, the speed at which they got rid of the mold. I’ve seen reviews of hotels online that claimed the hotels have mold. Obviously, I always skip over those hotels. But now that it’s happened to me, and I know that it’s a solvable problem, I’ll definitely give that hotel another chance. I would hope others would give me the same courtesy. I could try to hide it and hope no one finds out, but unfortunately the guests that I had to re-book at a nearby inn were so upset that I gave them last minute notice, that they were kind enough to expose my mold issue on Yelp. So here’s me trying to explain myself. Anyway, we open for business and the guest house is cleaner and fresher than ever. Let’s hope the world can forgive me and give us a another chance at hosting more guests.